1:18 Scale Ford Mustang GT Supercar Development Update 2

Following on from our last development update which can be viewed here, we're very pleased to show collectors the first of our decorated prototype samples of the much anticipated Ford Mustang GT Supercar model we currently have in development - the 1:18 Scale Shell V-Power Racing Team 2019 Bathurst 1000 Winner driven by Scott McLaughlin and Alex Premat.

We're incredibly excited about this sample. For those of you who enjoyed our last update, you can see that a great deal of progress has been made with this prototype compared to the previous base die-cast metal sample because it's actually a fully painted and decorated model!

There's around 120-130 steps in the decoration process that has gone into this model to give the level of finish you see here. Those 120-130 individual steps includes painting all the various parts of the model, applying tampo printing of logos, applying decals for logos and areas where the tampo printing doesn't allow and more. Combine that number of decoration steps with the 200+ individual metal, plastic and PVC parts that this model is comprised of and you begin to get a pretty clear picture of how detailed and complicated 1:18 scale models are to not only develop but to produce.

Once our R&D department has studied this sample, final comments and corrections will be sent to the factory where they will produce a final sample for us that we will sign off and then we can move into production. Overall the number of comments and corrections we have to make on this sample are between 30-40 points and there's some obvious mistakes here such as the missing Wurth logo on the front quarter panels which all need to be addressed prior to production.

There has been tremendous progress made on the development of this model over the past few months, particularly when you take into account the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. If this positive progress can continue (there's always factors that can slow us down, read the last update about that) then our aim of having 1:18 Mustang's start arriving towards the end of the year should still be very achievable. Development on the 1:43 and 1:12 scales is also continuing but is behind the 1:18 scale model due to demand. 

The first model we will be producing with the 1:18 Mustang tooling will be the 2019 Bathurst 1000 Winner with other models from Tickford Racing and Shell V-Power Racing Team to follow so as always, please ensure you have placed your pre-orders with stockists for the already announced models or reserve them on our website.