Quick Help / FAQs

Please use this section as a quick reference for any questions you may have. If you can't find the answers you're looking for below then please use the Contact Us page and we will help you as soon as possible.

Ordering Information

For Future Release Model Cars:

We have A LOT of future release model cars listed on this website and it's not uncommon for these items to take anywhere between 6-18 months to arrive.

If you're interested in ordering/buying these models then you have two options available to you:

If a model car is marked as a future release on our website then please enquire about placing a pre-order with your local model car / hobby stockist as soon as possible.

Please note, all stockists are seperate businesses to Authentic Collectables, we are suppliers to them. Each stockist has different ways of how they accept pre-orders for future release models.

To find your local Authentic Collectables stockist, please use the link in the main menu.

You can also register your interest for future model car releases online with us to be notified when they are released.

To do this you need to navigate to the product page of the specific model you're interested in.

Once you're on the model product page, please click on the black 'Register Your Interest' tab which should appear on the right hand side of your screen on each future release product page on our website, enter your email in the relevant section and submit the form.

When the model arrives in stock you will receive an advanced email notification from us letting you know that it is in stock with a link to complete and pay for your order while stock lasts.

Please ensure your email address is right before submitting the register your interest form. Unfortunately a confirmation email isn't sent when you register your interest for models on our website, the only time the system will email you about that specific model will be when it arrives in stock.

We offer this option due to the amount of time models generally take to produce (usually 6-18 months) so you're not out of pocket until the model actually arrives.

For Future Release Prints, Books + Other Products:

Depending on the type of product or brand, we also offer a paid pre-order option on our website.

If a product is available for paid pre-order on our website then you will be able to add it to your cart and purchase it like any normal in stock item.

Details about the pre-order will be listed at the top of the product description if it’s available and when we expect it to arrive in our warehouse.

A paid pre-order option will only ever be available on our website for products that aren’t models - we usually use this feature for prints, books and other non-model products.

We offer the paid pre-order option online with us for these products because we can predict production and shipping times more accurately and are usually much faster than the model cars to produce.

Of course, if you wish to order these items from your local stockist, please make an enquiry with them.

For All In Stock Products:

If a product is in stock then it should now be available at your local Authentic Collectables stockist or you can shop online directly with us and it will usually be shipped on the next business day unless otherwise stated or it's a holiday period.

Please be mindful that the vast majority of products available from us are produced in limited edition numbers and will only be available while stocks last which is why it is very important to pre-order at a stockist (or here online where possible - see above) or register your interest for models.

Shipping Information

Yes we ship internationally. Rates are calculated at the checkout.

Shipping rates are calculated during the checkout process based on what you're ordering and where you're shipping it to.

Add the items you want to your cart, and go through the checkout process to view the rates. You can see the shipping rates prior to final payment for the order.

Domestic (Australian) orders are shipped using Australia Post.

International orders are shipped using either Australia Post or DHL with various options to choose from. Pick the option that suits you.

All rates are variable and are calculated direct from each courier service based on the contents of your order and where you're shipping it to.

In almost every case, yes.

All Australian orders are sent with tracking.

All International Orders are also sent with tracking unless you have selected a shipping option that doesn't include it (usually the really cheap option!)

As with any online order from us, if it arrives with any problems (or it goes missing) then please contact our team via the contact page on this website and we will do our very best to assist you to find the best available solution.

Usually a swap or replacement if stock is available or refunds are normal outcomes.

In Stock products will usually be shipped on the next business day unless otherwise stated or it's a holiday period.

Products on Pre-Order will ship as soon as the stock arrives in our warehouse, ETA's for these items can be found at the top of the product pages.

Should you choose to purchase a product online from us then you can rest assured that we will take every step possible to ensure your order is picked and packaged to the highest standards to ensure a safe delivery to you.

We have been doing this for quite a while now and rarely receive complaints!

Refunds / Returns

If you have received a damaged or incorrect product after shopping online with us then please contact our team and we will be happy to provide a refund, swap or replacement if stock is available.

Our refund / return policy applies to a maximum 30 day period after the purchase was made.

If you have received a damaged or incorrect product from a stockist then please contact them to organise a refund or replacement which they are then able to claim with us.

All stockists are seperate business to Authentic Collectables and as such, each stockist's policies will need to be discussed directly with them.

Model Car Repair Tips & Tricks

Generally avoid displaying your models in direct sunlight or under bright spotlights as this may damage the paint and finishing of the model.

Handle models with care, they are made up of many individual parts that are very easy to break.

We recommend displaying models in dust free cabinets or display cases.

All our models are hand made limited editions. In the event that you have an issue with one, please see the below.

If you have purchased a model from Authentic Collectables and find it’s damaged, you can contact the team to discuss a refund, swap or replacement if stock is available, our refund / return policy applies to a maximum 30 day period after the purchase was made.

Please note, if you purchased your model from a stockist, you will need to contact them, see above.

If you find that the outer box is damaged but the model is fine, you may choose to contact us for a replacement box if any are available. We know that to some collectors the box is worth as much as the car!

If you find that the model itself is damaged, a quick assessment of the damage is worthwhile. If you feel the model is irreparably damaged, contact us straight away. If the model is fixable, you may elect to fix it yourself. See below.

Firstly, look carefully, is it a scratch, or is it a scuff? If you can run a fingernail over it and the nail doesn’t catch, it’s most likely a scuff. These can sometimes be polished out with very fine automotive polish and a soft cloth. Please note that this only applies if the model is finished in gloss paint, If it’s matt, do not apply any polish as it will stain the finish permanently.

If the nail catches it’s a scratch, small scratches can be buffed out if they’re very fine, but a scratch that has gone through the paint and into the die-cast underneath is irreparable.

Generally yes, although it does depend on what fell off and whether it was broken in the process. If it’s fallen off in one piece, you may chose to glue it back onto the car, but if the part is broken, say a wing mirror for example, you can contact our team and we will send you a replacement wing mirror if we have any available.

We carry supplies of the most common parts to be knocked off models, either through cleaning or small inquisitive hands. These include aerials, windscreen wipers, bonnet pins, wheel nuts and wheels and can be purchased separately here.

While it might be tempting to reach for the superglue in every case, we prefer not to, especially when dealing with matt-finishes, or clear parts. The curing process of superglue creates some noxious vapours that can stain matt finishes, and cloud clear plastic parts permanently.

We prefer to use white glues such as PVA’s or Tacky glues. These are non-toxic and water soluble so that if you do make a mistake, clean up is easy, and if you are a little heavy handed, it won’t be as noticeable because they dry clear. You may need to hold the part in it’s place while the glue dries, some small strips of masking tape work well if the part won’t stay in it’s place. Remember, a little dab’ll do ya!

Our models are produced using a variety of techniques to replicate decoration, including the use of tempo printing and decals. Occasionally we hear of models that are missing a decal despite our best efforts during QC – they are hand-made after all.

If this is the case, contact our team, and we may be able to send you a replacement decal which you can apply. If the decal is large however, this can get tricky. You may choose to ask our team for a decal, and cut a patch to replace the damaged portion of the decal, but it can be a difficult thing to get right! We understand if you feel that a replacement model might be more to your liking, applying decals is not for everyone!

These are water-slide decals, and need to soaked off the backing paper in water. Cut the backing paper down to a manageable size, and place in a bowl of water for 5-10 seconds. Once the decal can be moved on the backing paper (push it gently with your finger), it can be applied to the model. By carefully placing the backing paper over the area that the decal is going to go, put a finger on one end of the decal and slide it onto the model, making sure to keep the decal as flat as possible. If they curl over or wrinkle up, they can sometimes be saved with a small paintbrush dipped in water, but it’s best not to invite disaster! Once the decal is in place, gently dab with a tissue to push out any remaining water under the decal, and stick it down to the paint properly. Avoid wiping with the tissue as you might disturb the placement of the decal, or worse, wipe it off entirely!