DJR Team Penske / Tickford Racing 1:18 Scale Ford Mustang GT Supercar Development Update

One of the most highly anticipated future release models we currently have in development is the 1:18 Scale Ford Mustang GT Supercar and we're very pleased to release some images of the base die-cast metal prototype sample.

This is the last sample we receive in the development process to fine-tune any remaining issues with the model before it goes to the decoration stage to be painted, decorated both internally and externally and then be prepared for the production process.

You may notice the missing drivers side interior crash panel that needs to be included along with some other small bits and pieces to be corrected prior to production but overall we're very happy with how it looks and we hope you agree that it will be worth the wait.

Another key feature relating to this model is the opening boot which makes this our first die-cast model with all opening parts as our VF and FG-X Supercar models feature sealed boot units. Why did we do this? Well amongst other things, having two less doors to add into the opening parts tooling certainly helped balance out the expense of including the opening boot feature.

The most frustrating thing for collectors and one of the most difficult aspects any manufacturer encounters when producing model cars is the time (and cost) it takes to develop and produce them, particularly if it's die-cast with fully opening parts and the Mustang model is no exception to this rule. On top of that there's also all the other unknown variables that can affect timelines too.

A great example of this is we're sure everyone remembers the ongoing parity debate that engulfed the 2019 season. Due to the consistent debate and changes from the higher-ups at Supercars relating to the Mustang we weren't able to send the final Mustang data to begin developing this model in earnest until later in the 2nd half of last year. Due to those ongoing parity changes, you will notice that we have also developed the various different examples of the rear wing so we can include the correct version on each specific model depending on when each particular car we're replicating was tested or raced.

Those raft of unknowns, difficult economic conditions, labour retention, environmental considerations and even the weather believe it or not - (we have had factories flood and even models that couldn't be painted due to it being too cold) - combined with the fact the 1:18 model is made up of around 150 individual parts and are hand assembled greatly affects the time to produce them. And don't even get us started with the Covid-19 pandemic that no-one could have predicted!

We understand the time, delays and lack of concrete info about delivery dates for models is a major frustration for collectors but believe us, and we can't stress this enough, the frustration is multiplied many times over for us. We do our best to give estimates when we're asked when models are expected to arrive based on the current info we have but it changes all the time due to the reasons stated above.

So, with all that being said we keep getting asked when this model will arrive and our current estimate in June 2020 is we hope to see the 1:18 model arrive towards the end of the year - if everything goes to plan, and 2020 has so far illustrated that might be a big ask! 1:43 and 1:12 scales will sneak in behind the 1:18 at this stage purely due to demand.

Our factories are working at a reduced capacity and there's still some raw material supply and production concerns that we're working though with them but hopefully we're over the worst of Covid-19 in this region and we continue to see steady, positive progress.

We hope this update has been beneficial for collectors and at the very least shows that progress is being made, that we are trying to produce the models as quickly and to as high a standard as possible but it's bloody time consuming and tough.

Please ensure your pre-orders are placed for the 1:18 Mustang's that have been announced with stockists or you have reserved them from our website as we will be committing to final production numbers very soon.

As always, thanks for everyone's support, we do appreciate it. Keep your eyes out for some cool new model announcements coming up soon, some you might be expecting and maybe some you're not!