Now In Stock: Dick Johnson Racing The First To 1000 Signed, Limited Edition Hardcover Collectors Book

The highly anticipated Dick Johnson Racing The First To 1000 hardcover collectors book is now in stock online and at stockists.

Written by Dick Johnson and acclaimed author John Smailes, this book tracks the remarkable highs and lows of Dick Johnson Racing across 1000 ATCC/V8SC championship races.

Everything a fan of this iconic team could ask for is included across 332 pages.

The book starts with a message from team co-owner and chairman Dr. Ryan Story and a Foreword by Dick Johnson and then moves onto an introduction built around the 2022 Bathurst 1000, covered by John Smailes, where the team celebrated their 1000th championship race start. Then we rewind all the way back to the beginning to cover Johnson's early racing years, his infamous collision with the rock at Bathurst in 1980 and establishing DJR as a team.

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DJR's debut (and championship winning) season in 1981 then kicks off a year by year chapter format featuring a large range of sensational images and comprehensive statistics. Johnson provides his personal recollection of each year with many highs, some lows and incredible anecdotes and insights that only he can provide. This is backed up with countless hours of exceptional research and interviews by Smailes, who has also provided insight into the evolution of DJR against the backdrop of the ever changing ATCC / Supercars championship.

Interspersed throughout the book are a variety of contributions from star drivers and significant figures from the history of DJR along with a dedicated Bathurst 1000 chapter covering the years the Great Race wasn't counted as part of the ATCC/Supercars Championship.

It is then concluded with a dedication to the fans of the team, a general overview of statistics and an acknowledgement of the 40 people who made DJR.

This collectors book has been produced in an exclusive limited edition of only 3000 copies, with an individually numbered front sheet signed by both Dick Johnson AM and Dr. Ryan Story AM.

It's an officially endorsed collectors item.

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