Watch Now: Episode 1 of Role Models With AVL and Will

We're excited to announce the first episode of Role Models is now live on our YouTube Channel.

Speedcafe editorial director Andrew van Leeuwen is joined by owner of Authentic Collectables William Hall to talk all things motorsport and collecting.

Role Models will be a monthly re-cap show where AVL and Will discuss what we've been working on and releasing here at Authentic Collectables and what big and interesting things have been happening in Supercars and across the world of motorsport.

There will be opportunities for collectors and fans to win gift vouchers each episode by either sending in images of their collections or participating in the 'code word in the comments' game. Will and AVL will also be answering questions related to collecting and motorsport too, and discussing topics in more detail.

You can watch the first episode below or check it out on YouTube. Don't forget to like it and subscribe to our channel so you're the first to know when new episodes drop.

We hope you enjoy the first episode and if you have any feedback or comments about what you would like to see more of or hear discussed let us know in the comments section on our channel.