THE BOSS: The Inside Story Of Allan Moffat And His Trans-Am Mustang Hardcover Book

THE BOSS: The Inside Story Of Allan Moffat And His Trans-Am Mustang Hardcover Book

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Product Specifications:
  • Officially licensed by Allan Moffat Racing
  • 450 large-format pages (300mm x 275mm)
  • 600 photos, most never seen before
  • Hardcover, high-end production
  • French-fold protective dust jacket
  • Two bookmarks
About This Product:

This is the inside story of Allan Moffat and his Trans-Am Mustang.

A high-quality hardcover book five years in the making, this publication brings to life the incredible story of the most famous car in Australian motor racing history.

The Boss: The Inside Story of Allan Moffat and his Trans-Am Mustang was produced with Allan’s cooperation, is officially licenced by Allan Moffat Racing, and the Foreword was written by Pauline Moffat.

Allan was interviewed extensively for the book, years before his well-publicised dementia was diagnosed, providing a unique and irreplaceable perspective on his favourite car and its colourful history.

Moffat’s carers granted exclusive access to Allan’s extensive collection of documents and photographs for the book, as did Peter Lyall, who looks after the car for the Bowden family in Queensland.

The Boss was written by award-winning motor sport journalist and historian David Hassall. It consists of more than 110,000 words packed with rare detail and unique insights provided by the people who were there.

Illustrating the approximately 450 pages are around 600 historic black-and-white and colour photos, most of which have never previously been published.

Photos include the car being built at Kar-Kraft in Detroit and Bud Moore Engineering in South Carolina, arriving in Australia, appearing for the first time at Sandown, and being prepared (and repaired) at Moffat’s own workshop in Melbourne.

All the major players in the car’s extraordinary race career provide first-hand accounts, most for the first time, bringing a richness to the iconic car and driver’s brilliant and often controversial story.

The large-format book uncovers the technical secrets that made the Trans-Am Mustang the most advanced racing sedan of its time, as revealed by engineer Lee Dykstra, who was responsible for the Trans-Am Mustang’s design and construction at Kar-Kraft.

More than two dozen people were interviewed exclusively for the book, including Don Gibb, who organised the groundbreaking Coca-Cola sponsorship, Coke executive David Maxwell, who did the deal, and hard-working AMR mechanics Barry Nelson, Peter Thorn, Ian Lees, John Myers, Lou Mallia and Ray Cutchie.

The Boss also includes chapters outlining Moffat’s rise to fame in Australia and America, revealing in previously unreported detail his early career, peppered with Allan’s own candid recollections.

This incredible book is a must have for Moffat fans and it's now available to pre-order here, don't miss it.

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